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Favourite YouTube, Google...etc. Videos

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It's like you're speeking another language.

Actually that is what they are doing.


Am I just dense about computer stuff or are others struggling with this? :?

I expect a few are, but it is just due to not being familiar with the general concepts. It isn't too hard to get fluent in bbcode or any kind of programming. Don't let the jargon intimidate you.


The questions are being answered in an appropriate manner to what was being asked, that is concisely rather than a lengthy tutorial explaining all the background. If the questions make no sense then the answers will not be much help. Probably better to have such info in a different thread.


(2) OK, how did you put those square bracket phrases in without them turning into, well, a Youtube link? One of your godlike Mod powers, no doubt! :D

When encountering such situations one of the best things to do is to look at how others do it. Simply click on the Quote button of a post which already does what you wish to achieve. Look at the source and copy the relevant bbcode tags. Trial and error is often a very effective way to learn new stuff.

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I like the bit where it goes 'nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan'  

Hopefully this will help to make it a little clearer. I'll maybe post a comprehensive guide at some stage...




Does that help?


As a side-note, we used to have a Youtube button to add the links but it played havoc with the formatting IIRC. It may reappear one day.

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