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Any Goths, Metal heads, or Bikers in Shetland????

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Are they no Christian Rawk? I think they are pretty rebellious, except on Sundays, apparently...


Nope, somehow they got tagged with the Christian label early in their career, but band members have consistently denied any association with the Christian Rock scene for several years. Seems they needed to be rebellious on Sundays too. :lol:

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Goths? Scum. Sub-human scum. :wink:


Never mind the ignorant masses who feel they have to dress the part to qualify, just power up Sisters Of Mercy or Evanescence track high enough to rattle your neighbours crockery, and enjoy. :twisted:


:twisted: Aye... I will... I will always be a biker/rock chick deep down... I shall remain METAL \mm/ \mm/ on the inside.... :wink:

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Moved from another thread.












Wonder if santa will bring me it this year???? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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