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Someone tried to hack my account


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Basically, the subject says it all.

Got an automated email advising me that someone (from the united states) has tried to access/hack their way into my shetlink account. 

It doesn't matter really as the password (since changed, and was originally quite simple) was not used anywhere else. 

Anyone else been a target for this ?


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On 18/11/2021 at 20:57, Colin said:

Another try again today !

"We have detected 5 failed log in attempts to your account from United States."

Are these legit Shetlink emails?

The fact that its continuing tends to loan itself more to spoof mail behaviour.

Although, why anyone would want to hack a Shetlink account seems a bit odd in itself.

I guess you must be such a popular guy, someone out there is so impressed they can't help but try and be you. ;-)

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