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False Boobs... Breast Implants...

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I am not trying to "swing anything"... I am just giving my "Observation" too...


I was only interested peoples attitudes to "false breasts" as you see so much of it in the media now and it is becoming like going to the dentist... Since Shetland isnt a huge place... I wondered what peoples attitudes are regarding the augmentation procedure...


I am looking for no slagging match, nor disclosing whether I have mine done or not as that is really irrelevant...


Most if not all have indeed given their tuppenceworth... Thanks folks much appreciated..



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I don't agree with implants. It does sadden me to see this society created "beauty" projected at me every day.


To put it this way: I'd rather my other half was looking at incredibly graphic hardcore porn where the women look like real women than reading say... Nuts, Zoo, FHM or some other cosmetic surgery laden, over photo-shopped, ridiculously-posed magazine.

I won't lie, those kind of magazines do cause me to feel extremely insecure and disgusted. And the way they write about the women only contributes to my sense of disgust.


Has anyone seen that section in FHM where they ask women questions (usually in relation to current issues) and print all the stupidest answers? e.g. (this is one I actually saw) Question: "Which hurricane caused devastation in New Orleans? Answer: "What's a hurricane?"

But, of course, it's not only men's magazines which do this. Women's magazines are just as bad. They love to portray men as emotionally-retarded, bumbling baffoons who's only interests are "the footie" "shagging" and "video games." People are people DAMNIT!

Anyway that's a bit off-topic. But yeah, it really gets to me.


I think it's wonderful that the Shetlinkers who have posted here seem to be (for the most part) against the Westernised body "ideal." It makes me incredibly hopeful.


Unfortunately, I have come into contact with many men who claim to hate augmented breasts and the look of women with cosmetic surgery; men who claim to love the "natural"; yet can't actually tell the difference between the two. I've had men say that they find *insert cosmetically enhanced celebrity here* incredibly attractive and will decidedly refute claims that she has had surgery (despite the fact that it is well known). These are the kind of people who look at magazines like the ones mentioned above and think that they are mostly seeing women who haven't had surgery (just because it isn't over the top i.e. Jordan) when it is apparent that they most likely have.

This scares me more than people finding women attractive when they know they've had cosmetic surgery, because in this instance its almost as if they're being brainwashed into thinking that kind of look is naturally attainable.


Anyway, I'll stop ranting. This is just an issue which irks me a lot.

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:tmbup; I am inclined to agree with you and with most if not all of what you have said!


I cant stand those magazines, NUTZ, FHM, etc etc.... they do make women feel insecure, and disgusted, unfortunately at their figures if they feel that they dont match up to the "cosmetically enhanced" women.


I have also through speaking to some men, realised that they actually think like you said, that the women in these magazines are "real women", and will actually argue with you and say that those women have not been enhanced or that they are indeed not airbrushed! B***ocks I say.... of course they are... All you need to do is look in magazines like: NEW, MORE, STAR, etc etc, and you will see what the "stars" really look like.. cellulite and all...


I used to buy motorbike and car magazines and stopped it when they began to be filled with young girls with surgically enhanced breasts, and botched up photo's... and I thought to myself I am buying the mag for bikes and cars not to see other women scantilly clad... (although fair enough the magazines are targeted at men).


This is a sore point for a lot of women, I would love to see magazines with "real" women in it.... not airbrushed or surgically enhanced...


I will say that if men cant differentiate between the two of being enhanced and not enhanced, then the surgeons are getting a heck of a lot better... natural breasts sag slightly... (if they are anything around C/D cup size).


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