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is it better than here?

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Hi, i am considering moving to the shetlands and setting up in business as a balloon artist, twisting and decorating.


i live in northampton and im not afraid to tell you its a living hell on our estate.

we have lived here for four years and every time we try to get back on track, our hopes get dashed.


weve been unable to work for nearly three years due to depression.


i used to be in banking but ive taught myself to manipulate balloons into cute and wacky sculptures.i can also do the traditional decor if i have to.


so could some kind soul tell me life is better there and what chances does my business have?

i can do all kinds of celebrations/events/promotions even adult parties.


this is not an advertisement as i cant start up until i find a safer place to live.im a council tenant and im a prisoner in my own home at the moment.last saturday night for example 30 teenagers attacked our house,throwing mud and stones at us.two young men ran to our door and one kicked it in and entered our house before turning away all the time the sounds of jeering yelling laughing was deafening.it lasted an hour,nobody helped us.we dont know why these total strangers should pick on us.weve had 2years of robbery and vandalism and i have to keep an all night vigil,every night for the past 2and half years.oh and ive tried ALL the authorities and even the media, so this is my only ray of hope,unless i squat somewhere. please tell me its nice there :cry:

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I've just moved here with my family and after a month I can confidently say I wouldn't wish to be living anywhere else right now.

It's a beautiful place and the people are incredibly friendly. You may be wise to check out the shetland times website to get an idea of the comings and goings on the island, as well as doing your homework on here too. Shetland has it's bad points as anywhere would but bear in mind it's a small island and everything (and i mean just about everything) makes the paper :wink:


Can't say how your business would fare as I don't have enough knowledge about competition etc but I'm sure others on here would have a good idea.

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Hi millicent. Welcome to the forums


Without wishing to poo poo your idea, I don't think there's a big enough market in Shetland for you to sustain yourself as a balloon artist. You could probably make a bit of cash on the side with it......


But if you're adaptable and have a good work ethic, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding other work

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hi Sparky, that was a quick response.if the papers print everything going on there then it would be good for my business.i intend to do a lot of pr.


but can i walk to the shop without fear of attack or abuse? what times of day will i be safe? will i be able to tootle down the road without teenagers jumping out in front of me?

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but can i walk to the shop without fear of attack or abuse? what times of day will i be safe?


I don't think you'd need to worry about that. Swiftly fashion a balloon into a truncheon and you'd soon see off even the worst of the Shetland wrong do-ers :wink:


But seriously, there's no trouble on the streets in Shetland of any consequence. Muggings or assaults are so uncommon that its negligible (although the few that have happened always make the papers, so you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise). You might want to avoid the centre of town on a Saturday night if you don't like a load of relatively harmless stumbling drunks


I grew up in town and I've never been in a fight, been assaulted or had any hassle worth noting

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you must be a very happy,confident person peerie.maybe in the next life i could be luckier

im 51 and 5ft 1 and i dont want to live off benefits till i draw my pension, im an aries,a go getter.but now im a crumbling wreck.(im crying now)


my job is to bring colour and fun to all, how can i ever do that when im so desperately unhappy oh dear dear dear i really dont know what is to become of us and you have been the first people who havent ignored me thankyou

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i just emailed Hjadland housing association to see if they can help.


i just looked at my front window sill, i have weed killer,chilli pepper,black pepper,paint stripper and oven cleaner. these are my defense.dont you think its crazy or is it just me. in a couple of hours it will be dark and already my hearts pounding.

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my names mandy really and im at nn4 8nl i dont care who knows.

when we were well i could say,

we are a genteel,peace loving couple who get a real buzz out of helping people and brightening their day. i know youd like us.


its now 6.15 and they are starting to gather,they know the police have got their hands full on a saturday night.

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Hi Mandy, from what I hear parts of Northampton are not nice places to live and it sounds like you are in one of the worst parts. And of course you want to get out fast and I wish you good luck.


One problem you are going to have is finding somewhere to live. I should say finding somewhere permanent to live as winter lets of holiday homes are available right now. Still you will not end up living on the streets and anywhere in Shetland is a million times better than Northampton.


The closer you get to Lerwick the longer the waiting lists for council or housing association homes become. I imagine the chances of getting an exchange from your home to Shetland are somewhat worse than zero but you ought to check. Of course most jobs are in Lerwick but there is a good enough bus service for people working office hours.


As for personal safety I think I can sum that up by saying that in 3 years of driving taxis in Shetland I was only threatened once and that was by a seriously drunk guy who was up from the Scottish mainland for a wedding.


Good luck whatever you decide.

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