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Lost Ancestor's Sea Kist

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Writing in the hope that someone may be able to help. Some years ago, probably 7 now, in the haste of a house clearance, my ancestors sea kist was inadvertently sent to auction in Lerwick ( the auctions that took place in Market Street at that time) Having recently returned home to Shetland I was devastated to hear of this and thought perhaps someone may have an idea of where it ended up. The kist itself was in a pretty bad state and the lid had a sailing ship painted inside. In my young days the lid was always kept in the house and a distinguishing feature was that it had come apart and therefore was in two halves, lacking the backing hinges. I image that the kist body was too far gone to salvage but perhaps somebody knows what or where about the lid finished up. It was a fairly primitive ship, in full sail with a flag as far as I can recall. If anyone knows anything about its whereabouts I would be so grateful to know as it is a great loss to the family. 

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Two very slim chances. 'Shetland Auctions', who are what the saleroom has evolved in to in the present have a Facebook page, it might be worth contacting them and see if they'd be willing to put a copy of the item details on a post of their page. Some of whats left of the regulars from the saleroom back in the day still keep up and check that page from time to time, it might ring a bell with somebody.

Likewise, it might be worth asking Darren Odie who has the collectables shop at the boddam of Church Road, he would sometimes buy at the saleroom to sell on, and might remember it *if* it was something that passed through his hands.

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