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PC Flight Simulators


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HALO is the most hyped up piece of junk game on the market IMO..


even Alex the kid that came built into the master system is more fun.


Yeah totally..pffft. its best thing since sliced potatos with pickle and cheese flavouring wrapped in a foil pack.

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Not played a flight sim in a looong time. Don't even remember what it was called, just about manged to move about on the ground as instructed, take off and land... with the ermm virtual squares I was supposed to use to make sure I didn't crash :P


I have to admit to trying to get into space :oops:


re the vid, very nice... I laways wondered what Fitful Head looked like from the other side :)

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Quite incredible. I've got Flight Sim X but not played it for a while. How do you get the Shetland livery aircraft? Also, is the Shetland graphics normally that good or do you need another add-on?


I checked out the credits at the end and the plane is available here, including the SIC version




The scenery is here




I think I'll wait till the New Year before I think about buying them. Too much work to do just now :(. When I see stuff like this I wish I was 40 years younger. I used to draw airplane instrument panels on a cardboard box then sit in the cupboard under the stairs pretendening I was flying.

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