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Hi all, my screen name on most forums is Salmon my real name is Colin

and i am pleased to have stumbled across this wee forum.


Born in Oxford i have lived in Shetland for eighteen years,

married a Shetland lass and have three children (Shetland is the best place to bring up kids).


Interested in Motorcycle Racing (raced many years ago) now confined to following MotoGP and SuperBikes on TV,

Poker...I love playing Online Poker and the occasional Shetland Live Game and Computers.


Glad to be here.




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Hi, DarkstarIII here... On way back to shetland....


Interests... Motorbikes, (mainly sportsbikes and customs).. all things spiritual and occult, paranormal and basically weird. Also aromatherapy, reiki, meditation,making my own beauty products, soaps, tinctures, etc.


I also have an interest in history, arts and crafts, reading and writing. I also love playing my electric guitar...love metal/rock/goth industrial music, but have a liking for most music as long as it isnt robbie williams...




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Will I get this thing to work?


Home from sooth


Much happen on here?


Welcome Siggar!


It's what eveyone makes of it ... a place to "share information, share resources and communicate ideas"! Do add into any thread that takes your fancy .. or start your own :)




trout on behalf of

The Shetlink Team

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Tee hee Trout being all official there! :lol: :wink:


I'm Marjolein or Marmalade. Depends whether I'm in a jar or not.

I mostly like toast, but not raw toast.


I love music, whether playing or listening to, and times of the year to do with music, the music festival, Folk festical, F & A festival. I'd love to go to Leeds next year.


Don't know what else to say, lived in Shetland all my life blahdy blahdy blah. Love the sea and swiming in it too and sailing, rowing.

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Hey all, I'm known to most as ewenutz, I quite enjoy eating squirrels :D but only for breakfast. I am 28, and live Shetland. I enjoy speedboating, water skiing, and the occasion sherry at the weekend, I love music of every kind, and also enjoy playing guitar and singing (both badly I must add). :oops:


I just joined Shetlink and I'm lovin' it. :wink:


Does anyone know If its possible to look and see who's currently logged into Shetlink and online?



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now den folk, for da purposes of clarity i'm going to write the rest of my intro in the little used dialect, english, try to follow, don't be scared to ask for help if you get stuck :wink:


i'm 29, lived here aa me life, am a live and let live sorta fella, i even brush slaters an forkie-tails off wood before it goes on the fire, then again, i'm a metal-head, metal \m/ \m/ with a healthy dose of rock, alternative and industrial mixed in.....and a wannabe biker, never had the cash to buy a bike when i was younger and now i have the same mass as the bressa ferry (poor peerie 125) :P

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I'm Ross. I'm not from Shetland, don't hold it against me! My Girlfriend is from Burra and managed to get me to fall in love with the place! Her mammy got me John Graham's dictionary for my christmas last year, so I could get clued up and understand what she was saying!

I like, god what do I like? well playing guitar seems to be a pretty popular thing to do around here, so I'll jump on that band wagon aswell. I like flying my power kite, drinking real Ale and coming up to Shetland in the holidays. Yeah that'll do for now :D


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Greetings, you lucky people living in the beautiful Shetland Isles.

I've loved them since they first offered me shelter from storms in the early/mid 70s - I was helping to build the Brent and Ninian fields at the time, so working with Shetlanders - sound folk, I found.

You'll have to excuse my use of plain ol' English. I'm only a damn Saxon and know no better. Not just a soothmoother - I was born in Brighton, if you went any further sooth you'd drown, or be French.

Currently (alas) living in Nottingham. You've probably read in the national newspapers about how we have illicit drug dealers from Kingston, Jamaica gunning each other down in the streets, quite true, I'm afraid. Anyone thinking of moving to one of them southern cities, just talk with me, I'll put you off! Anyone thinking of importing a(nother) damn Saxon to Shetland ... well, now you're talkin'. (Get me outta here!)

Looking forward to a few (friendly, I hope) insults - but if it's said with a chuckle I'll buy yer a drink on the way to the next one.

See you further down the forums ...

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