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Well of course the closest place to the harbour is the ferry.......I think they start serving breakfast from something like 6am. And the cafe in the Co-op I think opens at 8am. The Harbour Cafe mentioned above is in the town centre close to the small boat harbour but a bit away from the ferry terminal.

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Thank you for that info.. I'm looking forward to it now hmmmm

Fry up breakfast and coffee yum yum .If you happen to be walking past and see a stranger with a table cloth instead of a bib , and half a dozen plates in front of him twill be meeeeeee. Will catch you all later.



OOOh wait one last thing where is the beer good lol.!

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Hi all,


Stumbled across this forum and thought I would sign up.

I live in Shetland Mondy to Friday and go home at the weekends.

Been coming here for around 7 years but doing this work rota for about 18 months now.

Met many lovely folk and just thought it was time to get more involved.



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Welcome sheltieworker . You havn't said much about yourself ! What are your hobbies interest etc ?


Well, Keedle, you have inspired me to add some info. Just finding my feet at the minute, but feeling tentative about getting too involved in the forums with me not being a proper local.

Thanks for the encouragement though.

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Hi :D I'm from Orkney and live with my wife and several pets. I love island living and couldn't imagine not living on an island anymore.


Love Shetland, planning to visit next summer and hopefully find a council or housing association exchange so me and my wife can move to Shetland permanently.


Been a member of this forum for a while but not been much of a poster, am going to try and get more involved when I can.


So yeah hi :) and great forum.

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Hi Dunky,


Looks like you copied my Avatar. I initially had the bouncy badger but thought it was a bit distracting, so switched to the still version.


Had this avatar for ages, did it when I first joined and I can't even remember when that was...lol!


Hi to you too :) the still badger is still good.

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