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Hi all.


Just found this site and joined right away. I am currently living in Lancashire England, BUT I do plan on moving to your fantastic Islands in the very near future. I have given up on the hustle and bustle of city life and am going to forfill my life long ambition of living in a remote and stunning area.


You may find me posting a fair bit, asking silly questions regarding life on the island, so please excuse me in advance.


I`m 45 and have 3 border Collie dogs which are my life, I also love cars, building computers and anything mechanical. An electrical engineer by trade I hope to pick up some work when I arrive if thats possible.


Thanks mr Admin for the forum, I am off to have a good look around your site .






:oops: EDIT to add, sorry iI pressed new topic instead of reply - Mods / Admin please rectify. Thanks.


(*** Mod - Done ***)

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Hi Rich,


I am in Preston, would be interesting to know what part of lancashire you are from.

I have been doing radio shows here about Shetland and folk who have moved to Shetland from Preston/ South Ribble.


You are welcome to be part of it...


My 2nd show is on 27th July at either 10 am or 10.30 on




Regards, welcome and good luck



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Thanks all for the welcomes, been reading loads of great stuff here on this forum.


I appreciate that you probabally get lots of similar types of 1st posts like mine, but I have always loved the solitude of remote places, I admit I have never been to Shetland nor any of the other surrounding Islands, yet this does not phaze me. You dont always have to see something to know you will love it. :)


@ shetlandpeat, Just outside Blackpool. I will tune in on wednesday.


Been looking at some properties on Yell and Fetlar, I guess they will be sold before I get rid of this one, but it does give me an idea of whats available and the rough price guide.





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I am not living on the Shetland Islands but might be within the nearer future.


My English is probably not perfect (because I am German myself) so I hope nobody bothers.


Having lived several years on the Western Isles I feel some sort of homesick. Since I've been over the last time many things have changed (not everything to it's advantage) and I am looking for some more remote place for myself + family + farm animals.

I own a small farm in the South of Bavaria but here in Germany there is no agriculture anymore but only agroindustry with intensive animal husbandry, biogas plants... I am rather fed up with this... being one of the few people who use draught animals.


I'll probably be coming up soon to have a look at a property on Fetlar. At the moment I am still trying to find out which way to travel is the cheapest, where to find temporary accommodation (just for a couple of days)...

so you will probably find more of my posts in other areas of this forum.


Hopefully you've now got an idea of who I am :wink:

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Welcome to the forum Patzel. The Agriculture section will probably hold some answers for you and ask all you like.


paulb, I take it that where you say "shetlands/shetland" in your post, you are referring to Shetland ponies, that is, your wife wants to use your ponies for croft work, yes?

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Well I have been a 'lurker' for quite a while and decided its time to jump in and introduce myself.

Im Andy...41 years of age...and a wannabe incomer to Shetland.


A little bit about me for those who are interested. Born and bred on a farm in the middle of England. Worked in steel construction since 16. Welder...Steel Erector..Cladder/Roofer and all other things related to the industry.


I have worked both all over the UK and abroad doing it and have spent a lot of time in the Channel Islands over the last few years as well.


Why am I lurking around here you may wonder? Well I have been for several months now...pretty much ever since I visited with my partner back in February. Our ultimate aim is to move up in the not to distant future. My partner is a qualified nurse and well...you know what I do.


Our general thinking is to sell our property and that will enable us to be pretty much mortgage free and whilst we will both be hoping to find work it will mean 'hopefully' we can enjoy a little bit more free time than we do now.


I can hear the nay sayers stirring into action as I type......'Why here?! ..I can hear them cry....'the best thing is the ferry back to Aberdeen!' ....


Well yes..I can see peoples reasoning ...and having lived and worked in many places and enviroments appreciate that everywhere has its fors and against and lets be honest here...everywhere has its negatives...if they didnt then everyone would be living there.


I have lived and worked where it was 90+ everyday...hardly a cloud in the sky..and could count on one hand how often it rained in the year I was there. Two of those months I had to put a sweatshirt on first thing in the morning as well.

I have also been snowed in and cut off for more than a month...unable to get out and having to manage without electricity and communication for a similar amount of time so I am no stranger to life without lifes luxurys when circumstances enforce that.


Then I hear drugs ! Its rife! Well....I can honestly say that no matter where you live in the world some form of drug be it legal or not will be a part of our lives unfortunatly. And having lost two friends whom I grew up with because of them I think I can say that I am aware of the effect they have on peoples lives. Everywhere has its nice and not so nice areas...some worse than others and with both of those comes the good and the bad with it.


Ultimatly I guess I am saying in answer to the why....is because we like it.


Obviously living somewhere is different to visiting..it goes without saying.

The first time I went to Jersey to work I realised that. But you either adopt to that way of living or you dont and can appreciate that.....I had a guy working with me who was nearly running when we used get to the plane/ferry to return home and one of them is still there (Well hes in Guernsey but thats another story)


You never get the full idea of what its like somewhere until you live and work there so any move will always be a risk...especially if you do so with rose tinted ideas when I know from experience the harsh reality is very different.


So anyway...thats my little introduction and I hope to be around here for a lot longer. We are looking to return soon to look at a couple of propertys that fit in with our plans and of course we will be looking to see what work we can pick up.



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Hi all.


Only discovered Shetlink a few weeks ago and i'm hooked. Still finding my way around and since i had stumbled on this thread thought the desent thing would be to add my bit. No surprise I'm a crofter called Amy. Born in Shetland lived here all my days and have no intention of going anywhere. I am also wife and mother of two. Have lots of other interests but no time for them. Like straight talking.

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Hello all,


Currently not living in Shetland (I'm a Yorkshire lass born & bred), but strongly considering moving up there if I'm able to find work up there.


I seem to be falling more and more in love with the place at the moment and I'm hoping to visit around late January/early Feb to get a proper sense of the place.


Finding Shetlink to be a very useful place for getting to know more about Shetland and some of the people there. I hope it's ok for me to ask some (probably) rather obvious questions on here?

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