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i´m from germany and will be over for a week of walking in april.

Hope to find some usefull informations here.

Will be the 2nd time, have been to Shetland 28 years ago.......




Guzzi, bring some nice German sunshine with you :lol:


You will see some big changes after 28 years.....!.


You must visit our new Shetland museum in Lerwick.



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Greetings dear kinsmen down south! 8)

I was searching for something on the web, when I came across your forum...I've enjoyed reading a few threads and I'll probably read some more when the time allows it. Since I've read at your forum, I think it is only fair and polite that at least I introduce myself....I'm Michael from the Faroe Islands.

Hello Shetland :D

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Goðan Dag Michael, or is it Mikkjal?.


Just so you know, Shetlink does not speak for Shetland. Most Shetlanders loathe Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace and resent what they do to our islands.


Fleira, fleira folk á Shetlink er ikki Hetlandingur men utlendingur.


I wish we were free from Scotland and had the same freedom as you.


Hjartaliga Tillukku ur Hetland.



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So, a new member posts his very first message on Shetlink, introducing himself, and this is his very first contact.

Welcome Michael,

I wish you lot up North would stop murdering Whales.

I don't expect Michael will be posting any more messages on Shetlink.

I know if I was him I certainly bloody wouldn't.

This is one of those occasions I feel ashamed to be a Shetlink member.

Sorry Michael.

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