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:D hi all i,ve been browsing your forums for sometime now and thought it about time i said hello. so HELLOOOOOOO ALL :D

seems like a great place very interesting and funny, im funnily enough from the same dark hole of a city as damsaxon and can confirm all he says lol i have family in shetland lerwick and have been planning for some time to visit

be gentle lol 8)

my mum was originally from thurso caithness and was kidnapped by my dad after working in the oil buisness in shetland ive to and frowed from nottingham to thurso all of my life and is why i have exceptional qualities compared to the people that souround me in this city LOL it is very true of people in the south being selfish and not very friendly, i count my friends i grew up with in thurso closer than my friends here as when i visit the north coast its like ive never been away and smiles all round :D

i love the outdoors miss the highlands terribly, im a keen photographer a motorsport nut not so much the bikes as i had a very nasty exp on one while i was building my track car and it cost me along long recovery lol dam cars they never look


finally i must congratulate you all on being from such an amazeing place from an outsiders view i dont think i,ll want to go home if i visit lol see you around the forum hopefully :D 8)

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Hiyi, im new to this and am totally delighted to have found it. I am currently livin in Australia, but heart belongs to Shetland and is where I will return! I have a 14yr and 7yr old lasses both Shetland born and love hame as much as me. Hope to speak to you all at some time

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Hello there all, we are a combintaion of Sooth and Shetland in varying quantities.


Hello and something for all to contemplait




What is it


Are we in it


Do we want to be in it?


Is it better to have a state of equilibrium or not?


Our answer is, that, no we are not in a state of equilibrium but this is the place that would be best!


If everything is equal, we suppose there would be little - negitivity, and a whole - positivity


For one person a positive, will be a negitive for the other, but if we ain't bothering each other... does it matter?????


It's a forum!!!!!

Ebb n flo

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another southern softy invading.....


live in sussex( would rather not though)


have been to Shetland , Orkney and Scotland loads of times - often thought about moving but never had the b**** to actually do it :oops: - maybe one day.


work in the security industry selling safes etc


also involved in motorsport - used to drive but now i do the scrutineering - technical checks on the cars , anything from club racing up to F1 levels.

for the last year have been chief scrutineer for drift racing (EDC) in the Uk - can explain more about it if anyones interested :)


well if your not convinced i'm insane already .... wait till i've posted a few times




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Hi all my screen name is jenesequa(nope i aint french) Ilive in Doncaster south yorkshire uk.

My real name is Saleem (courtesy of my dad) and I am love with your islands so much that come hell or high water I will move up there even if I have to load my wordly possesions in my car ,catch the fery and sleep in my car until I can get af roof over my head .I love alternative musc,heavy meatl and anything that sounds good( no boy or girl bands thankyou) .

Im an internet addict and love cars and outdoor life.


Also im a big believer in following your destiny (if it feels right do it and dont think twice


happy new year all

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