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I never saw this when I first joined up - better introduce myself.


I'm Stan (not particularly big but big enough to have been called Bigstan so many times it's stuck). I'm an ex-pat Shetlander, currently living in Newcastle and working on drilling rigs in the Mediterranean (4 weeks on, 4 weeks off), off the coast of Egypt.


I moved away to Peterhead 3 years ago to be handy for work (was working in the North Sea at the time) and moved to Newcastle 6 months ago because Peterhead is a ****hole.


All my family still live in Shetland (mostly Lerwick) and I usually visit 2 or 3 times a year.


My main interests are messing about with PCs and drinking real ale and good malt whisky. Musical tastes can best be described as eclectic.

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Woops! Never saw this either...ah well, here goes.


Name's Hannah - I have a number of different online aliases but I chose 'sassermaet' for here because it's authentic, as well as being one of my favourite home delicacies. I'm nearly twenteen, and I spent all my life in the People's Republic of Brae until I buggered off to Glasgow at eighteen to study Arts and Social Sciences at Strathclyde University. Since the chances of me returning to the rock at the end of my degree are slim, I'm extremely glad this thing exists :D


I like books, music, films, retro stuff, good food, daydreaming, and things that smell nice.


Since I'm utterly crap at writing coherently about myself, I'll direct you to my Myspace or Facebook pages (both of which are on my profile on here) and let them do the rest.


Cheers :)

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I'm Ron McMillan, a writer and photographer who first visited Shetland on a Press trip in, I think 1999 (the locals laid on so much grog for the visiting hacks that the whole trip is a bit of a blur). That experience made me want to get back there and spend more time on a bigger project, and finally, in late 2005, I did just that. The result is a travel narrative to be published by Sandstone Press in May 2008, called BETWEEN WEATHERS -- Travels in 21st Century Shetland.


Excerpts, for those who are at all interested, are on my website.


Ron McMillan

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Welcome to Shetlink Ron. Do join into and or start any new topics that suit.





Thanks, Trout. I just sent a note to the forum administrator to ask if they'd mind if I put up a new thread -- but on the same topic of my upcoming book -- in the Arts & Literature page of the forum, since I belatedly realised that my original thread, in this section of the forum, should probably have gone to the other section. I don't want to fall foul of anti-cross-post rules, you see, and as a newcomer, am deadly keen not to offend anyone.




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Welcome to the forum heretic5, why the 5? Is that where you see yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (heretic-ally speaking) :D

Ha! Thanks for the chuckle. Asute question. You are merely the second ever to ask that question. No, not on a scale of 1 to 10. The 5th in a particular series of heretics. As to which series, a scan (not a skim, a scan)of my website will show the answer to you. My website is listed in my profile. Why don't I mention the URL here? If people have to exert some effort, most will eliminate themselves before they even start. Good luck.

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