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Hello everyone,


I’m Ian, used to live in Shetland years ago. Lived there for 5 years (from when I was 6 till I was 11 – I’m 32 now). I lived in Firth (Sandside) for 3 years, then moved to Toft as we built our own house up there. My Dad used to work at Sullom Voe and my Mum worked at the Fraser Peterson Centre (which is closed now I believe?)


Was absolutely gutted when we left (had to due to Dad’s work commitments)…Would really love to move back up there one day as I know my wife and kids would love it as much as I did….Don’t know where to start though, lol. Don’t think there will be much need for my current job role on Shetland, but I can always dream!


Take it easy,



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Hello all, been member of forum for bit but only just found this thread.

I live in London ( London borough but in reality nearer Dartford) but am moving up to join you lovely people this summer.

Bizarrely saw an episode of Coast on Shetland in October or November, liked the look of it and being a slightly impulsive fellow decided that was the place for me, can't explain it but got a feeling deep down and new it was the right thing to do.

Am coming up in May to find somewhere to live then hopefully moving with my 3 cats in summer.

Since I made the decision time is dragging incredibly slowly as I just want to be up there and have incorporated into my daily routine checking the Shetland news and times, then Shetlink, then the property pages via Shetland.org, (yes I am that sad, sorry).

Anyway enough about me just great to be on the forum and many, many thanks to people who have helped me on various posts and those who do so in the future. :lol:

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Hi Girls & Boys,


I live just north of Inverness and am coming up to visit you this year.

[Any FREE B&B would be agreeable]

I have a small dinghy but hope to have a keel boat soonest.


I am a Freeman-on-the-Land

interesting discussion "Police" at:



Dave A.


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Hi all,


At present I live in Grantham, Lincolnshire - officially voted The Most Boring Town In Britain sometime in the '80's.


I spent a tour at Saxa Vord, Unst years ago and fell in love with the Islands. I have been up there a few times over the years and, last year, happened to be staying in a cottage owned by a manager of an off-shore company. 2 days later he offered me a job, meaning I could live anywhere in the world, as the company flies you to wherever they want you to work, so .......


On Friday 20th March, this year, we will own a property in Shetlandl!! Hoping to have moved in by September so that our 4 year old girl can start school. reading a previous comment, yes, Shetland does seem like an ideal place to bring up kids. It has to be better than here. We are only half an hour away from Nottingham, the gun capital of the UK.


Anyway, ramble over.


I love bikes. I am sure in the years to come you will see me on either my Harley or my Suzuki chopper.

I also spend a lot of time with computers, hardware and software. I use Linux wherever possible.

I also like woodwork, turning etc. so you'd better get growing some trees :lol:

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Hi All! :)


As a regular visitor to Shetland and was based there for about 14 months in 2003-04 and made many friends there, I thought I'd join this forum an say hello. I also wanted to post a comment about the lack of ambulance cover on the Islands.


As I type this I can see a picture of my friends ducks walking across the road from my friends croft at Cunningsburgh at the top of the page, makes me feel homesick, although Shetland isn't my real home, I think of it as my spiritual home.


I used to bide at North Road in Lerwick when I was up there but when I'm up there now, I usually stay at Cunningsburgh.

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Im a newby here, so thought i would say hello. I dont actually live in Shetland, but will be moving up next year. Currently living outside Dundee, where i am a student nurse. Hoping to move to Shetland when i qualify so fingers crossed i get a nursing job eh?

Take care. xx


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