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Not Guilty! It must be the Incredible Hulk or Spiderman's abode, whoever they are. :wink:


Pepsi is my poison of choice, not Coke. Besides, I'd never be caught dead eating that rabbit food in that dish. http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq330/Redneck_Hillbilly0504/SickAnimated.gif


Ahem, the ciggy melted keyboard is a little more "me", although mine isn't quite that bad....yet. Gimme a little longer though :? :arrow: :arrow:

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Who ever it is that has heaped all the cola tins and bottles.

Are you referring to the prominent name on the curtains/drapes at the back? ;-)


As I don’t know who Ghostrider is in person I will have to bow down to your personal Knowledge ? About he/she who must be obeyed and assume you are implying that he/she is a coke head so keep looking over your shoulder EM Because Ghostrider may well be around to spank the proverbial monkey I think, At least he knows what a pofor is :lol:

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Having a bad hair day?!















Dear God....



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