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Whats the best place to be thrown out off ?

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I got kicked out of The Foot Of The Walk pub in Leith. It was a Sunday morning, I'd been out all night and tried to 'switch' a round. When it came to signing the receipt I suddenly forgot how to write my own name, so they kicked me out for being drunk. Swine!


ahh well at least you still remembered your name.. even though your ability to write it was impaired.. you should have got points for that! lmao



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"lec wrote:

Someone I knew got asked to leave the Excelsior (Mooney's Wake to all you youngsters) after he set light to himself to prove the silver suit he was wearing was indeed flameproof. Magnificent.


Marooned in Maywick wrote:

Angus Blub at the Simmer Dim Rally weekend a few years back, by any chance? "


I once got an early morning wake up call from Blub with a home made flame thrower made out of a an aerosol & a lighter (don't try this at home!), I wouldn't recommend it.


I once got chucked out of a pub in aberdeen for threatening a bloke (allegedly), considering I am 5ft, female and never picked a fight with anyone ever, I still can't believe it happened.


I also got refused entry to the north star many years ago for wearing docs, apparently I could have hurt someone by kicking them! I was driving that night, so I went home and changed into pointy shoes (far worse to be kicked by pointy shoes than Docs I would have thought) went back and they let me in!


This was all many moons ago!

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