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What does everyone want for Christmas???


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One of these!!!


(**Mod Edit - Removed image from quote.**)



Is that the same one that is in the nursery rhyme????


"Ride a cock-horse to banburry cross.... to see a fine lady upon a white horse, with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, and she shall have music wherever she goes..."


Or words to that effect! :P :P :P :D

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I agree. The soul of Christmas has been replaced by a grim compulsion to spend money that neither we nor the planet can afford; the whole thing doesn't strike me as very Christian to be honest.


If we'd all just make a pact to spend quality time with our families enjoying the things we already have instead of feeling guilty about getting, or not getting.


I don't think that it is being a 'Scrooge' to tone-down the extravagance; things can be much nicer for everyone when the pressure is off.

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I seem to recall a city council in England a couple of years ago renaming the holiday as "Winterval". Great move, remove any religious connotations and leave a shameful display of consumerism. It really is pretty shameful.


Christianity did adopt the date from earlier pagan festivals. Nothing wrong with that. Various deities were said to have been born on the date (as well as other factors too long to go into here). The point i'm building toward is that by such rampant spending and expectation we are indeed worshipping money and material wares, the "new gods?"


Well posted Demascus.


To be blunt, with no disrespect to this thread and it's lightsome intended tone, i hate being asked "what do you want for christmas?". It does my head in. A gift is a gift, you shouldn't have to worry about gauging the right cost, or feeling obliged to come up with something for family or friends to 'provide for you'. Take away any element of surprise and charm and everyone might as well buy their own.


Hence, i'd like some quality time with my family, some time with friends and some gift-wrapped surprises. :D

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Boycott Xmas is the kind of mildly irritating political sloganeering that I'd have happily engaged in when I was 18, oblivious to that fact that I was annoying the hell out of everyone else with my holier-than-thou chat...


10 years later (ok, eleven years later) I'm a little more comfortable with the whole thing.


Yes, it's not eco-friendly, yes the corporate machine lurches into overdrive with it's offensively cynical attempts to convince us that we need to buy happiness at a premium. True, the whole think stinks of rampant capitalism at its worse...


However, if you take a step back and ignore the hard sell, then the cheesy adverts and company sponsored Xmas lights can serve as a pleasant back-drop, an inoffensive reminder that we're approaching one of the happier dates (for many of us) in the western calender.


Xmas to me is an opportunity to go back home and spend the day mildly drunk in the company of people I actually like, rather than being at work. It's something I look forward to and appreciate, despite the associated garbage surrounding it, corporate, religious or otherwise. So there. :wink:

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