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What does everyone want for Christmas???


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In today's newspaper:


American Mum has 12 year old son arrested for opening Xmas present early!


She called the cops when he disobeyed her by taking a Nintendo Game Boy from where she had hidden it at his Grans. The cops handcuffed him & charged him with petty larcency.


She did it to teach him a lesson, "he's been going thro' life doing things....and getting away with it".

"Its not even about the Xmas present " she said I hope he is put on a programme to stop him misbehaving.

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:P Well I have decided what I want for christmas and that is to be a stone lighter and also a new windscreen for my car... LOL... since after coming of the boat and driving past scalloway... a chuckie stane came up and took a big chip oot o it! I am gutted... damn roads... why they throw tar and a handful o chips on it I just dinna ken! :evil:
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Do you need a new phone as well? Just got a new mobile from dialaphone and you can choose from a range of free gifts, including a wii. Parcelforce have just delivered my free xbox360, and if you recommend a friend you get £20 cashback. No I dont work for them!


Go to dialaphone.co.uk for info, not had it long enough to know if there are any catches.....

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