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What does everyone want for Christmas???


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Do you need a new phone as well? Just got a new mobile from dialaphone and you can choose from a range of free gifts, including a wii. Parcelforce have just delivered my free xbox360, and if you recommend a friend you get £20 cashback. No I dont work for them!


Go to dialaphone.co.uk for info, not had it long enough to know if there are any catches.....



Now that would be a solution if I needed a new phone, sadly I have only just renewed my contract with Vodaphone.

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I have had this on my computer for some years now. I don't know who wrote it so can't give them credit?

This certainly helps to put things in perspective at this time of year!


The Meaning of Christmas


Snowflakes softly falling

Upon your window they play

Your blankets snug around you,

Into sleep you drift away.


I bend to gently kiss you,

when I see that on the floor

there's a letter, neatly written

I wonder who it's for.


I quietly unfold it

making sure you're still asleep,

It's a Christmas list for Santa

one my heart will always keep.


It started just as always

with the toys seen on TV,

A new watch for your father

and a winter coat for me.


But as my eyes read on

I could see that deep inside

there were many things you wished for

that your loving heart would hide.


You asked if your friend Molly

could have another Dad;

It seems her father hits her

and it makes you very sad.


Then you asked dear Santa

if the neighbours down the street

Could find a job, that he might have

some food, and clothes, and heat.


You saw a family on the news

whose house had blown away,

Dear Santa, send them just one thing,

a place where they can stay."


And Santa, those four cookies that

I left you for a treat,

Could you take them to the children

who have nothing else to eat."


Do you know that little bear I have

the one I love so dear?

I'm leaving it for you to take

to Africa this year".


And as you fly your reindeer

on this night of Jesus' birth,

Could your magic bring to everyone

goodwill and peace on earth".


"There's one last thing before you go,

so grateful I would be,

If you'd smile at Baby Jesus

in the manger by our tree."


I pulled the letter close to me'

I felt it melt my heart.

Those tiny hands had written

what no other could impart.


And a little child shall lead them,"

was whispered in my ear

As I watched you sleep on Christmas Eve

while Santa Claus was here.

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Denounce the mass-consumerist buying of 'gift sets' of stuff nobody wanted to buy as individual items in the first place and the swapping of gift vouchers...


The Canadian Mennonite Church advocate giving 'gift vouchers' bearing promises of useful stuff like baby-sitting, mowing lawns, helping decorate, visiting etc.


Home-made sweets / cakes / plant-cuttings etc you have lovingly created / tended especially mean so much more :)



"Where did I say you had to buy so much stuff to celebrate my Birthday?"

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Go to dialaphone.co.uk for info, not had it long enough to know if there are any catches


I would be very wary getting anything from this lot do you really think your getting an x box for free :?:


got a vodafone contract through this lot for my buisness a few years back, went to saudia for a job and made one outgoing call, got a call from dialafone the next day as they were concerned about the way my bill was rising rapidly (30quid) it consisited of a recorded message telling me not to hang up or my fone that I use for buisness would be cut off, and to speak to the customer service rep that would be on the line asap 20 minutes later I explained to a "human" that I was overseas and had the fone with me so not to be too alarmed if it was used and the bill went up. no problem said the customer service rep, next day I get the same fone call and every day for the rest of the trip. I made one outgoing call and got home to a 1500quid bill for recieving their bloody calls telling me my bill was going up, when I refused to pay my credit rating was up turd creek and the only way to repair my credit rating was to pay the boobalubes and take them to court to get my money back. Don't touch them with a barge poll is my advice

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