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Rowdy Behaviouor up north

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Yep I knew afore I even opened it!!

Its hardly a surprise this sort of thing happens up there and I blame it on Housing at the Cooncil


The council have recently converted a few of the houses into homeless accomodation to a house the Staneyhill hostel overspill. There are a number of social misfits up there now who have nothing better to do than party, get drunk etc. Lets face it there not a lot to do in Mossbank


At least at the hostel/Hoofields there are security and nightwatch men. These people get shifted up there and left to do what they want. Out of sight of out of mind???


I know an elderly couple who have lived in Firth for years and are too scared to walk their dog at night for fear of meeting god knows who...

They are really quite upset about as they moved from Lerwick to get away from this kinda thing.

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So there is rowdiness in shetland then??? Jeez... so is this a NED problem or just young kids being young kids and rebelling against society?? 8O


There is a growing NED problem here Darkstar, I used to think it would never happen. I did see a fully fledged NED on Commercial Rd yesterday, breeks tucked inside white socks, peaked cap... shocking

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