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Northlink Baggage - Lerwick

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I am just packing my bags for a foot passenger crossing on the Northlink ferry to Aberdeen.  It's been a while since I travelled on the ferry.  I seem to remember my bags going through an x-ray scanner at Aberdeen.  Is this still the case, and is this the same at Lerwick.  The reason for asking is that I want to get all the kit that they are likley to ask about in the same bag, or at least accessible in two bags.  Do they worry about liquids and electrical items like they do at the airport for instance?  I'm not smuggling our finest mussels or Shetland fudge to the Aberdonians by the way.

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I've just had a quick look at Northlink's website and there is no mention of it. However if you look at the Streetview tour at the bottom of this page you will see a gentleman sitting at a desk in front of what looks very much like a scanner to me. This just seems to be for left luggage and luggage put on a trolley rather than carry on bags.



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