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Is it in any(waySafe) to park at your local supermarket

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There lies the answer to the question. Park as far away as reasonable from all the dodgy parkers and you'll save your bodywork some punishment. Unless the car park is fairly empty, in which case straddle two bays and the psychological effect on other drivers is such that they won't dare to park near you on either side as they don't want to be seen to 'compound the error' or associate with such outrageous behaviour. :wink:

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I hate parking in the somerfield car park... folks just park their car any way, and not always in the bays ... which means that I have to park the car skew wiff... so I end up parking at the far end of the car park away from all the other cars... the worst thing that can happen to it is on a windae day is one o the lamp posts landing on top o it!


It's the lazy tw*ts who park on the double yellow lines outside Somerfield that make me cringe. I just hope that I am there when they are having their heart attack.


In Germany if you parked in an illegal place and someone hit you, you would be in the wrong!

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:evil: I must admit to being really p**sed off now... I have a nice mark right along the driver door because some w**ker let their trolley slide down the side o the car! Whit the {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} is that all aboot???? Can folks no be mair careful o other folks property or is there an air o ignorance...


I like the idea aboot straddling two parking bays if it means that you are not going to come out to a major catastrophe after shopping... I think it is the height o ignorance and downright w**nkerdom that no one has the nads to one up to something like yun!


What the hell do we need to do? Cover our cars wi bloomin bubble wrap every time we want to go to somerfields???? 8O

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