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Student Accommodation for short-term rental (3 months) or just a dry bed, heating and roof


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Hello new friends,

I will be attending a 12-week course at the Scalloway Campus, I need a place to rest. Looking for dates of moving in end of April in time for a start date of 2nd May 2022 and can move out as early as 29th July 2022 or as late as the end of August, whatever works around you. So 3 to 4 months short-term rental, very little stuff to bring just me, laptop, phone and some clothes.

I am a part Welsh male born in Aberdeen Scotland, in his 40s studying to be an electro-technical officer at sea or in the maritime industry. I am willing to work as part of the deal as long as it fits my studies. I know a thing or two about computing, software, programming, electronics and hard work if you have labour-dependent accommodation. Grow up on a farm in Wales, so can work around a farm also. Happy with a spare room, croft, warm water tight garden shed that fits a bed. While 3 to 4 months on a sofa is probably not going to work out for either of us, maybe a pull out bed...

I would also appreciate any advice as to finding somewhere to stay that isn't  going to cost £40+ a night.

Yours Faithfully,
John P R Simmonds

P.S. I have included a personal picture taken after watching the rugby.


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