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Shackleton's Funeral


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theres some info on this page thats quite interesting




Thanks for the response, there is some interesting info on that site.


I found a photo of the Funeral group on the Shetland Museum web site:




The Shetlanders names were:


Willie Sandison

Geordie Manson

Magnus Leask

John Byrne

Jeemie Brown

James Leask

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Would that be the same Magnie Leask that had the croft at South Setter Gulberwick.

In the first few months I was at the Lerwick Central I lodged with them before going to stay with my aunt at Scalloway.

Oddly enough I never heard him mentioned it. They milked about a dozen cows, and son Alastair used to run in to Lerwick every morning with the milk.

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yes magnie leask and his brother were poll barers,magnie bought setter with the help of jas pottinger from asta.magnies sons mackie died at 16 torpedoed in the north atlantic alister and norman died a few years ago,the only surviveing son is now in viewfurt.magnie and his brother were on a norwegian boat i think but i'm not sure why they were chosen for this job.

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