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Charity Giving - Children or Animals?


Who would you make a £5 charity donation to?  

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  1. 1. Who would you make a £5 charity donation to?

    • Children's Charity
    • Animal Charity
    • I'm one of thse people who can't conform to 1 of 2 choices!

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I'd rather give a fiver to Aid Africa or whatever than to some freaking fur balls we keep for our own amusement. It's like those sad old ladies that leave their $$$ inheritance to their cats. Drown 'em and give the cash to a real charity i say! ;)


I used to give to amnesty international. Not because I'm particularly right-on, it's just that a girl with a clipboard jumped me on princess st and I was charmed into it. Had to cancel my fiver a month direct debit a year later when one payment put me overdrawn with my great mates at the royal bank, who then charged me £30. I love 'em.

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It would always be to a people charity rather than to an animal charity for me.


I have been on the receiving end of charity three times. As a child the NSPCC provided kids in children's homes in Leeds with a day out. A military charity provided the rail fare to go to care for my father who was terminally ill when I couldn't afford the ticket. My wife got a cat whose leg ended up broken (the cat's). Cats Protection League gave me the money for the vet and to have it's nuts chopped off.


My giving to charity is regular, through the lottery, something a lot of christians have criticised me for. They don't do such things, so I like to pose the point to them that a lottery win would give me the chance to change so many lives, provide people with clean running water etc. etc. Normally they step down from the high horse that they are looking down on me from upon! I also like to drop the odd thing into the charity shops and try to buy stuff from them as much as possible. It's only books, plates, candle holders etc. but it is all useful stuff. I have been scouring them for a corner plate rack recently, but I digress.


I donated to the Cats Protection League until after I had paid back what they had given me, plus a little bit, but one day I had to take a friend to hand a cat into them. I had agreed to take one of their cats, but the other one would fight the one that I was taking and to be honest I didn't want the grief, especially as I have an allergy to them. My friend had tried friends but they wouldn't take it despite the cat being very healthy and without problems, other than its dislike for the one that I had taken. She couldn't take it where she was going so the CPL was the last choice. The member of staff in the place reduced my friend to tears over the decision. Ironic really as they had been providing foster care to the CPL cats for years when the place had reached capacity.


I have always felt that pets are a luxury whereas children are not and the treatment of my friend just made me decide that no animal charity would ever see a single penny of mine.

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Humans first for me every time.


It makes me sick to see those Animal Hospital/Supervets type programs where they are wasting tens of thousands of pounds on animals when children are dying in Africa


Fair enough if it is one of the last of a critically endangered species, but I once saw a program where a woman was spending £16,000 on open heart surgery on her 10 year old dog! At most it would only have lived for 5 or six more years. It was obscene. :evil:


Sometimes we really do need to stand back and think hard about our priorities. If all the money spent on pet food in a year was diverted to the poorest countries in the world we could solve world hunger! :cry:


But then, the fact that anyone in this world has to go hungry at all is a sad indictment on our sick society

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