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Xmas 2006 - Moral Dilemna - Spend Locally or at Amazon


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£9.50 out of Asda last weekend 8)



Thank you, that makes me feel better :P

However, you still wasted £9.50 on it... HA!



ASDA can obviously keep their prices low due to the enormous buying power that Wallmart has so I don't expect anyone else, let alone a Shetland Retailer, to compete with that.

I'd still question whether a price tag of £18.99 is covering costs and maintaining an expected profit or actually just greed within the concept of a captive market?

It's weird because I haven't found much else that is over-priced compared to down South.


Funnily enough, I ordered the new Reservoir dogs 15th Anniversary DVD for £8 from CD-WOW on Thursday and it arrived yesterday.... from Hong Kong! Now that's service.


The ridiculous DVD prices in Shetland came to a head when I was in Bolts Electrical and saw the Ricky Gervais "Animals" dvd for a whopping £25. This wasn't too long after "Politics" came out either. Absolutely ridiculous.

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It's weird because I haven't found much else that is over-priced compared to down South.


I bought 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins locally for £20, only to find it on Amazon for £10 :x


I bought a Moleskine notebook from the Peerie Shop for £8.99 to find them on Amazon at £3.50. £8.99 was £1 above the RRP at the time!


There are times though it has come down to service for me, or even job applications. I applied to a local electrical retailer for a post. I spent some considerable time on the application, hand delivering it, not even to get the courtesy of a letter of rejection. I had assumed that they were a lazy feckless bunch of prats, and took my money elsewhere when it came to buying electricals. It would appear that I was not entirely correct as my partner has just received some superb service from them recently, but it is surprising the conclusions that one can come to. Perhaps there is more to customer service than just smiling sweetly at a customer.

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