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Richard Thompson - Anyone interested in hosting a concert?


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I have been trying on and off vaguely for a while to get Richard Thompson up to Shetland. Davie Gardner was kept in the picture but nothing got sorted.


I have just received this email from Richard Thompson's forum agent person:-

From: beekeeper@richardthompson-music.com


Hello Frances,


Thanks for writing. A venue or promoter needs to express interest in bringing RT to your area. They then work with Richard's agent on a contract. If you are familiar with folks in your area who are interested in hosting Richard, please have them write here and we will get them in touch with the appropriate party.


Best regards,


The Beekeeper


So, if you are interested or know of any set-up that might be interested, please email Mr Beekeeper or me and I will pass on the information.


Personally, I think it would be wonderful to get him here.

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It's a non starter for the Town Hall as it would be too small and after the Omar Sosa concert a pain in the ass trying to see the performers.


Either the Bowls hall or the main hall at Clickimin for a Saturday night special at the Folk Festival.


With the amount of people that are into Thompson in Shetland you would be able to fill Clickimin without a problem

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Promotion is the name of the game. Omar Sosa isn't a household name but that gig sold out in no time.


I think you would find with Mr Thompson that you could sell out the Clickimin without a problem. There are enough people in Shetland who know who he is and more importantly how good he his that they would pull people to the gig with word of mouth.


Yes it would be easier to get him as part of the Folk Festival or Guitar Festival(if this happens again) but it would be easier to get him in Shetland as part of his UK tour either at the begining or as the final night.


Also just so everyone knows he has been in Shetland before on holiday either in the late seventies or early eighties.

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