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Post Office Spamming

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I finally found the address to stop the Post Office shoving unsolicited crap through my letterbox, leaflets from camera shops and supermarkets, offers of cheap car insurance etc. etc. The only thing that I might miss is the Tenants Forum newsletter.


The address is: -


Royal Mail Door to Door

Beaumont House

Sandy Lane West




Just drop them a line to stop the avalanche of crap increasing. For some reason it also stops leaflets from local authorities.

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Problems with that idea.........to start with the Post Office makes money from bulk mail drops which keeps the price of the stamps down. The the logistics of NOT delivering the leaflets could well slow up the mail delivery. Having to keep checking to ensure bulk items did not go to people who did not want them might be ok for a rural post person in Shetland but would be time consuming in towns and cities.


There is a simple enough answer........a simple easy to see sticker which you could ask for in the post office that would signal to the post person that you did not want "junk".


As I remember it the Tenants Forum newsletter is not unaddressed bulk mail

as it has an address on it all be that the name is Tenant so I think that would still be delivered.......has got an address as it presumably only goes to SIC and Hjaltland tenants.

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