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Drink drivers

Sudden Stop

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I agree about drugs, and by that word, I mean anything, not just prescription stuff.


If you take promethazine (for sea-sickness or just as an anti-emetic) it can floor an elephant. You can buy that over the counter. Piriton is another, for hayfever and itching, makes you very sleepy. Any of these could play a huge factor in lowering your response time when driving. Yes, of course it says do not drive or operate machinery if you take them, but people do drive after they have taken them and thus become a danger to others.


Lack of sleep and low blood sugar are a huge worry too. Low blood sugar, even if you are not a diabetic, can have dire consequences - do they test for that? Lack of sleep can render you into a zombie but folk still drive.

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Hope niether of you is trying ton excuse or lessen drink driving coz that is what it is sounding like???! 8O :!: :!:


Drunk driving is WRONG and illegal. Any adult person with half a wit should be able to accpet that. Never mind the "precsription drugs are bad too". Yes they are and there is sucha thnig as Drug driving which polis test for too. I know several folk who have been tested bu polis for it here in shetlasndf , one of whom even failed. And you know what? served him right and i (and many others) told him just that!!


There is NO excuse. There never CAN be any excuse for drunk driving.


End of (as folk seem to say thses days).

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No, I am not saying drink driving should not be taken seriously. It is very serious and I am not denying that at all.


What I am saying is that there are also other things that are just as harmful such as medecine, lack of sleep and low blood sugar. If you drive knowing that you have not slept for 24 hours, have not eaten in 12 hours or are on sleep-inducing medecine, you should be accountable too for making those dangerous decisions.


If you'd bothered to read my earlier post, I advocate making the sods work in Casualty or a morgue to get a real perspective of the damage caused by their moronic behaviour.


So, get off your high horse please.


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