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Cramp - What's the Best Cure?

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What a rotten affliction on Christmas Eve Bigmouth. Hate to think of you pacing the floor all night! Try stretching the affected muscle (e.g. if the cramp is in your calf, pull your foot and toes up towards you as far as you can) at the FIRST TWINGE - before the cramp takes hold. With practice you can even do this in your sleep, and I speak from experience.


Then if you still have cramp after boxing day, maybe you should check it out with your GP?


Have a merry and cramp free Christmas :)

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I think that Njugle is probably the closest to the remedy. A bottle of Lucozade* will give me the salts and sugars that I need. I read it up on the net late last night.


I thought that you lot might come up with a cunning old wives remedy unknown to the rest of the UK, like rubbing the area with a piece of reestit mutton, naked on the top of Ronas Hill on a night with a full moon.


*Of course I could just sprinkle a little salt into a glass of squash to creat the same effect.

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If cramp at night is a regular problem then Quinine Sulphate is brilliant. Has to be prescribed by a doctor.....high dose for malaria and a low dose for cramp.


Tonic water contains Quinine so try drinking some with our without the Gin of course. Although why you would drink it without the Gin is beyond me. :D

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