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AA Battery Chargers


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I need a recommendation for a good battery charger. I mostly charge AA and AAA cells.


Someone put a couple of batteries the wrong way around in a charger that I have and now only certain areas work.


Are any of you lot, possibly in particular photographers, using a quality battery charger that you could recommend?

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I use a cheap and cheerful Uniross 4 bay one. It can take 4 of AAA, AA, C or D cells, or 1 of PP3 9v. It can charge both Ni-cad and Ni-MH cells, and his a "Discharge" function, which is handy for the Ni-cad.


I've had it for just over 3 years, and it's still going strong. It's been used regularly, but not heavily. Main criticism is charge times, high capacity cells could potentially take up to 24 hours to charge right up. I use it almost exclusively for 1800 and 2100 mAH Ni-MH AA cells and they typically take 14+ hours to come right up from flat.


That said, it tends to make sense in most cases to have two sets of cells in use, so it's easy enough just to swap back and forth between charger and appropriate widget once daily, if necessary. It cost around £6.00 from Screwfix Direct, so if you can live with the longer charge time, I doubt there's a cheaper way of doing it. Only problem with Screwfix is you need to place a minimum order value of £45.00 to qualify for free delivery, but if they can sell it for around £6.00 it should be possible to pick the same model up elsewhere for under a tenner.

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Thanks Ghostrider, I hadn't thought of Screwfix.


I found a really nice one for £50 that doesn't eat the batteries as the high power (fast) chargers do, but it seems hellish expensive. I chuck out a fair few batteries that wont charge anymore each year but don't know if it would ever make £50 for a charger a reasonable prospect, but it does AA, AAA, C, D and PP3.


Then again if I were a drinker it would probably just be a night out. It's how I justify everything :P


Back to Amazon and Screwfix to ponder......

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I bought a couple + batteries from www.7dayshop.com


Done a few years with no problems and less than £20 for the two sets.


I also bought extra batteries at the same time



Company is based in the Chanel Islands so orders less than £18 do not attract VAT

You can also combine shipping by placing 2 (or more) orders of less than £18 each.

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I got a very good one from the nice gentlemen at Bayes that plugs into my car ciggie lighter and charges 4 AA batteries as we go along.


IMHO worth every penny and has got me out of a few scrapes and emergencies when that red battery light flashes. It was very good for an unscheduled photo-shoot of seals at Bousta.

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