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Rangers new manager


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I don't think that Walter Smith should be involved. I want McCoist to come back to the Gers some day, but I am not convinced that he is ready at the moment. But, I would settle for him.


Failing that......


I think that we should go for a completely new start, and opt for either George Burley, or David Moyes. (although the latter might not go due to his Celtic connections.

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Its a bit of a disgrace that he`s going to carry on managing Scotland aswell, why is their not been more mentioned of this?


Nothing is finalised yet about them being in charge. BUT, with certain ibrox insiders (Gordon Smith I think) saying its a done deal, and the bookies having stopped taking bets, it really does look like a done deal.


I reckon when it gets made official there will also be news of them leaving the Scotland setup

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The only thing I hate after seeing that is the fact that Chick Young is trousering my telly licence money.

What a complete diddy - well done to WS for showing him to be one.


And whilst on the subject, I wonder how much the SFA will fine RFC for tapping up the national manager....oh, right....nobody spoke to him without permission. :roll:

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In that interview Smith sticks up for his players, thats what almost any manager would do, the "colourful" way he does it could be seen as rude, I prefer it myself.


The reasons for Chick asking the question is pure speculation, my opinion is that he does it to make Smith (who has puts his nuts on the line by signing the players) look like a twat. If thats not rude I don't know what is.

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