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If you only had..


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One holiday left in your lifetime.. and you had to go to one place you had already been, where would it be?


For me it would have to be Japan. Weird, Wonderful and Unique place to go to, and having the pleasure of staying with a Japanese family made it feel so homely.

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Yes, Japan has a lot of attractions, they are just so damn different culturally it would be a great learning experience.


Despite wanting badly to visit a rainforest, I reckon I would have to go for the volcanic mountains of New Zealand. It was close between there or Hawaii, NZ wins just for the variety of scenery.

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:D My girlfriend and I headed over to Thailand for summer with no more than an empty backpack with a pair of clean drawers and a change of t-shirt each. Bought eveything there, including malaria tablets etc. and had no idea where we were going or any established itinerary!


Possibly the best way to do it in my book. No worries about anything and not a care in the world. Just rumble around wherever and whenever you feel like it.


re: the tablets. Exactly the same as you would buy here but the cost for both of us was half of what it would have cost one of us to purchase from here! Handy tip for ya!



Oh yeah. I would head back to Phi Phi off the coast of Krabi. It'll be completely different since the tsunami, but I would like to see how the people have recovered and prospered since that terrible day and inject my money into their fragile economy i.e. not stay in the Western backed hotels, but rather with the people as we did the last time.

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