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Jokers to the right of me...


Left or Right Handed?  

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  1. 1. Left or Right Handed?

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I'm sure there was a Scottish family who used their left handedness to their advantage by building all their staircases the wrong way round to usual, so that their opponents couldn't fight round the corner while they could...


From http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/060321_left_hand.html


"The Kerr family of Scotland, known for sinister swordsmanship, went so far as to build Ferniehirst Castle with an unusual staircase that spiraled counterclockwise. The architecture provided left-handed fighters more freedom to swing their sword"

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Just to say that I am Ambidextrous? Maybe I'm extra clever or somthing? Maybe not. It's just a case of what you can and can't do with your hands. I can't build a cabinet for example but can change the oil in my car. I'm not a carpenter or a mechanic but find it easier to oil change even tho I can use both left and right the same way!!!!


That maybe blows the theories out of the water both left and right ! Ha ha.

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just read in the news about the fact we may ahve had a twin develop along side us in the womb but may have died as we developed. They say this may account for left handedness but as twins are a mirror image of us maybe it also acounts for righ-handedness


who's right?


or maybe wo's left?

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I see where your coming from here. I saw a tv program about the same. Maybe they are right or maybe they are wrong. But maybe they are somewhere in between it all depends on where you want to stand.



I have always thought I was a twin. this just maybe proves me righ in my belief.


But I'm ambidextrous. How can this explain it. Maybe three in the womb and two die ? what scientific evidence for this?


Look forward to hearing about this

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Here is a little test to see which side of the brain you are using at the moment.


If you see the dancer going anti-clockwise then you are using the left side o your brain (the right-handed bit). If you see her going clockwise then you are using the right side of your brain (the left-handed bit).




Nicked from here

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^^Now that's freaky :shock: Mostly I'm seeing clockwise (I'm left handed so that figures I guess) but occasionally she flips to moving anti-clockwise.


One of the comments on TFA said it's set to change direction in the GIF file itself - but opening it up in a GIF editor proves this to be nonsense. It's just 34 frames of indefinitely looping of weirdness.

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Practice long enough and you can choose which direction to see it in.


Had this same illusion with a radar dish at Heathrow once; was very puzzled because I couldn't figure out what I was seeing for a minute or two - the perspective looked all wonky. Then I realised I was perceiving the dish rotating the wrong way.

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