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Left or Right Handed?  

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  1. 1. Left or Right Handed?

    • Left-handed
    • Right-handed
    • Ambidextrous
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Yup clockwise nearly all the time for me. In theory it should adjust depending on how your brain is thinking at the time. If you are thinking creatively (right-hand brain) it should go clockwise, if you are thinking mathematically (Left-hand brain) it should go anti-clockwise. Then again if you know you are trying to think that way it shouldn't make any odds.


Funny old thing the brain.

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I can see her spinning both ways too. No "default" as such. She just seems to turn whatever way i think of!


(Best explained by my inner Homer - "girl turns right, girl turns left, girl turns right, girl turns left...")


I say i'm right handed, but this really only applies to writing. For other general tasks its more logical to use whatever hand is, well, handiest!



Edit - after reading pooks post, the logical explaination for my view would seem to be that i'm not thinking at all! :shock:

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