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Didgeridoo? Do you... Idoo!


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Howdy all, hope everyone is fine and dandy.

This is my first message here (I was going to add to the Ned thread but thought I'll save my comments for later)


Soo yes, the didgeridoo, yidaki ... Who has one and most importantly who plays or wants to play?


I've had an uber cheap one (£9.99) for the past year but have really played it. Along came new year, 05:00 and I whipped her out to produce the classic farting noises. The days following I practiced some more and somehow (I'm not sure how) I nailed circular breathing in 3 evenings!


Because of this I decided to treat myself to a proper didj fae aus. You got to be carefull that the 'authentic' didj's are genuinly authentic and not some rip off that's screwing the aboriginal culture over.

She's a thing o beauty and I can't wait for her to arrive. Sadly being sent with dhl it takes an age for it to get from london to glasgow, then onwards to aberdeen... and so on and so forth. Tomorrow mabey?

Royal mail manages 1 day, dhl= an age.

Ach weel.


I'm going off subject here.


So if any one you fine people want to hook up at any point please get in touch. Although I've just started I would gladly give advice on what I have learnt this week. Most of all I would like to meet established players or other musicians who fancy a collaberation?

Any of you into sound healing or meditiations please leave a message aswell.


Cheers for noo


Michael Balmain

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Circular breathing is a tricky one. It can take months for some to get the basics down where as others manage it in a few evenings.

There are many guides online with tips and tricks and I shall post these up asap.

The way I learnt was to 'puff' my cheeks and expell the air by using the muscles to de puff them. For this stage you dont 'breath' as such.

As the air is being pushed out take a breath through the nose and go from there :D


My new didge arrived yesterday however either DHL or Northwards screwed it up and it was snapped! This was a 192 quid instrument and it arrived trashed. No impressed. Worst of all DHL dont offer insurance on wooden goods. Thankfully the didge man is a star and is replacing it free of charge even though he is out of pocket.

The replacment is being sent out on monday with parcel force. Yeha!!


I thoroghly recomend him www.indoo.info :)


Onwards to find circular breathing guides.


Tigershadow you are most talented... and beautiful :)

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Ahoy! Thought I'd bring this back up. How goes?


I'm still playing away and wonder if anyone has taken taken the didge up recently? I've found oot that the front entrance of the museum is great for an evening sesh. Lovely acoustics.

So yeh, there must be someone oot there



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I have a didge I bought 2 years ago in Sydney along the Opera House, not a cheap tourist souveineer jobby. The guy was great he would send them even if you were'nt planning to go home for a year, it cost me $60 by DHL & arrived 2 days after I got home. :D

I must master the art of circular breathing, something to do in winter maybe. :)

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Hehehe..... a very old thread from 2007 but just to let you know that I'll be living up on Sheltand from mid-December and guess what....I play, perform and teach didgeridoo :D both traditional styles and contemporary and I'll looking for people to teach, get to know and jam with or get a band going. Who knows evben the most Northerly Didge Club 8)


Sadly my current band Kensho will have to bite the dust when I move :(


Hopefully catch up soon




P.S. Check out my stuff on the links below...

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This you guys?




Sounds like a plan to me 8) , Love the levellers, Seize the day,waterboys, and the like...


never done covers, all our stuff is original and uniquely unique as you'd expect with our combo of instruments :lol: but your stuff sounds great and it'd be cool t catch up and see how it goes. 8)


We move up 11th December. Just trying to sort out housing now.


looks like I really do need to join facebook :? Avoided it for ages despite requests. the 'puter already sucks up to much time.


Be in touch,



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Just over 2 weeks until I arrive in Shetland :D


I'm going to be staying in Firth and I'm thinking of finding somewhere near there to have a bit of a didge club for anyone who's interested. Get together, swap ideas, jam and I can pass on some rhythms etc.


Been selling of my workshop didges, but I'll have a few for people to use if they've not got one or just want to try different sticks.


Anywhere we can get cheap/free in the area so we can just chip into the costs of the room/hall?


Oh and BTW Michael I have a didge relaxation CD that I've recorded you can have when we meet up.


Hope to wangle getting my old band up some time next year if I can find some way of their travel being paid.


There's some info on me and samples of the band here http://www.didgeridooanddance.co.uk/ but won't be there long as the site's coming down....


see you soon, Kev :D

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