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--"proper browser", full internet functionality, plus music, pictures, eventually a broadband style service, all in the palm of you hand--





.....only available in the UK next Xmas, and probably only on 1 network.



[edit] oh, and did i mention the touch screen..?[/edit]

[edit] oh, and did i mention google maps..?[/edit]


aww, hell, just read it for yourselves :P

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My phone already has an mp3 player... yes its not 8gigs, but I only ever listen to the same 20 songs, and I dont need to use the awful ITunes. Infact I hate listening to mp3s on a phone, it just doesnt feel right.


My phone has a proper browser that can view websites etc... but phone screens are crap for most websites.


Google Maps, I'm sure I saw a java applet for my phone that could do that... but I never leave the 1 mile radius that is the centre of Aberdeen anyway.


Touch screen means finger prints :P


I'm not convinced. When will people learn that just because it's an IPod, doesn't mean its better!

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It sure packs some nice features but, as a phone, folks will get tired of it pretty quick:


The battery life, not surprisingly, sucks.

You need 2 hands to use the little fella in most cases.

Touch based input for entering text is a major PITA.


Running a cut down version of OS X underneath it all is pretty amazing... but I've yet to see what sort of power the processor is packing - not much I would wager given the reports of how slow web browsing is.

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Well it sure is pretty to look at. In that respect it may be the most advanced eye candy on a phone evar.


The Apple guy doing the demo overdoes it saying it's "the most advanced" this and that. There's been plenty other phones been out for ages that do far more advanced stuff IMO. In a lot of cases this is thanks to allowing you to install bloomin 3rd party apps :roll:

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