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Chris Hodge


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Couldn't resist putting an old farts perspective on this,,

Chris Hodge, as far as I am concerned sells a lot of low quality overpriced sharn.!!

But having said that, he is a great asset to the town centre retailers, because once you have bought one item from him you will realise where quality can be bought !!!!! RANT RANT,,,


And as for things in Shetland being more expensive than sooth,, Boll**ks.

I bought a Satnave from JB's in January beofre a trip south,,,, £30.00 cheaper than most mainland outlets.


Sorry guys,, got that off my chest now,,, Peace and goodwill to you,, fae da auld een !!!!!


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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I have to agree with auld rasmie - I can find very little in Hodges that is worth buying, and the stuff that is is no cheaper than elsewhere.


I even struggled to find suitable toys for kids party bags, and what I did eventually buy, I could probably have bought similar in Harry's for no more cash - but I had run out of time and Hodge's was open late that day.


I haven't been in since the cafe opened, so can't comment on that.


Having said that, the whole Hodge thing has been handled incredibly poorly by the council. He had come so close to buying the premises, only to be told in the nick of time that he might not get planning permission - after having been told there wasn't an issue.


So, despite the fact I am unlikely to spend much (if anything more at all!) in his shop, I do think that the council need to do a big u-turn and tell him its ok to do what he is doing from the shop.


The Cafe is different again, and probably needs separate planning consents to the retail side - but I don't know for sure.

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Hodgy wont be selling up to Asda or Tesco as he doesn't own the building...only leases it from the Millers.


Doubt he has had any new stock in for ages...just seems to be same stuff set out in different places of the warehouse. All these half price sales just reek of getting the cash in fast to keep the bank happy. All the uncertainty, not to mention legal costs, surrounding the ongoing fiasco must have cost him dearly and he should be applauded for his perseverence.

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He is renting solely because of the SIC's planning fiasco though - had the planning consent been ok it would have been bought by him long ago, and AFAIK the plan is still to buy if he gets the 'continue ahead' (I was going to say go ahead, but that seems a bit redundant in this instance...)

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