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Viking Fire

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Yup, a pretty good programme, sorry you missed it. I wish i/someone had mentioned it sooner as this was a second showing of it, it may be a while before it's on again. Interesting history in it; Up Helly Aa was started in an attempt to end the excessive drunken revelry of new year, kind of ironic nowadays, but that is a subject for another thread.



All-in-all very well made, but despite the lengths the programme makers went to in explaining the festival, i couldn't help but think it still left a bit of mystery in the proceedings. I suppose as soon as you start trying to describe and analyze a living, growing, unique creation such as UHA, it becomes like high art, or soulfulness, the more you explain it the more it defies explanation.


[EDIT!] Forgot to mention, in the interviews with Davy Gardner his computer screen in the background was displaying a page of Shetlink! It looked like he was mid post too! :D :P [/EDIT!]

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^^ Yes, we saw about two thirds of it. It was weird as it didn't come up in the TV planning guide?! :? So it was purely by chance we saw it. Had been watching T3


Noticed Davy G's monitor too. Burst out laughing! Shetlink on the TV!! Musta been recorded around the time of the Sakchai affair?! or the Cinema Music Venue?

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A very well done programme.

It was genuinely nice without making us all out be a bunch of quaint yokels. Warts an' all i.e. it didn't disguise the amount of alcohol being passed around, but didn't push it in your face.


Notice the use of people speaking in their normal voices (without subtitles) they did the same for Aly Bains birthday and it came across really well, too.

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