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I wis always a Winamp fan, but media player 11 converted me.


Its possible du's got media player 10, which wis poor.


Media player 11 looks different, but since i got it i've dumped me CD rippers, cataloggin programs (which never wrought right, MP11 is excellent) an dvd/video progs..


(its a blissing tae be clear o realplayer!)


However, back tae da subject, if it is WMP11 an du dusna lik it, i reccomend winamp..

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I am kinda 'inbetween' media players at the moment. I am struggling to find a decent sounding media player that upsamples to 5.1. There are a few plugins available for various players but none that I am happy with.


A few that may be worth a look though are:-

Winamp - Preferred the older versions, not quite been the same since AOHelL took them over.

Songbird - Could be a good alternative for iTunes. Still in early development but looking promising.

VLC Media Player - Already mentioned, plays everything.

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I use the VLC player for video, Winamp for audio (mainly 'cos it's got the Milkdrop visualiser!)


Honourable mention also to Media Player Classsic:




which looks and feels like the ole-fashioned Windows one and is easier to use than most of the newer ones.

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recently i have been more and more hacked off with media player 11, vlc is good but i have discovered zoomplayer which to my mind is what all media players shoud be it plays everthing(apart from dvd which you need the pro version for) the interface is sharp and fully programmable ie you choose which keys do what i have mine set up to use my wireless mouse wheel to contol volume, forward reverse etc. you can alter the aspect ratio and it doesn't use loads of resourses, it makes me smile every time i use it.

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Another Media Player question.


I recently helped my cousin set up a new computer. I used the windoze files and settings transfer wizard to move all her stuff from the old comp and everything worked fine.... except for her playlist's. Whenever she tried to use them it just came up "File not found". The problem is, as she is not on the net, she had a whole lot of music that was listed as unknown track (She'd typed in the album name but not the track names).


Now, if I connect her computer using my net connection I can get all the track names but will this also work for the playlist's?


Edit: I've just realised I still have her old HDD, if I update that then do the transfer again, would it work?

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