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American Notebook - What's that all about


What do you think of the American Notebook column in the Shetland Times?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the American Notebook column in the Shetland Times?

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Posted in another thread - copied to here.


I think that Kim's column is pretty decent. I enjoy the insight into the strange and wonderful world or modern America, expecially the more tender bits about perceptions and relationships etc. She's is also doing a great service for Shetland culture by the sounds of things.


I agree with the other comments here too, more columistic type stuff in the ST would be great. Anything is better than the half the front page being wasted on the case of an erstwhile southend footballer, or the whole second page being devoted to mocking some poor woman who panicked when trying to park her car.

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I started reading this recently...




Basically, a book of Bill Bryson's weekly columns from the Mail on Sunday about him living in the states.


So, 2 years down the line, Kim Karam can do something similar...."Notes from an Affy Big Island" perhaps

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Ok, I just got my Shetland Times.


The final American Notebook column...


The first half was quite interesting, basically because I knew nothing about the American school system.


The second half was some of the most patronising crap I have EVER read. And believe me, I read the Record PM once.

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