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Greatest Gigs in Shetland....ever!


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I played with the Hammfatters at one of those Brig o Fitch happenings. It was indeed a tremendous fun.


We did a couple of marquee gigs at Kergord which were great fun as well. There's something really good about playing in a field in the middle of summer. Does it still happen?

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Guest Anonymous

New Model Army at the Tingwall Hall many years ago. Can anybody remember? Pure class

Dr Feelgood and The Hamsters at Clickamin.

Frerass Jackman, Dale Burn

The Dawntreaders, Daleburn

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Showaddywaddy at the Clickimin.......


Well, I [/i]was only 13 and it was the first "gig" I'd ever been to!!

I was talking to a bloke in the pub about that gig last night. My first proper gig too. Fantastic!!! Also the first record I bought (or maybe that was Adam & The Ants) After too many bevereges, I often listen to Showaddywaddy. In fact, I'm going to put listen to them now...........

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New Model Army at the Tingwall Hall many years ago. Can anybody remember? Pure class


i do remember them being really snooty about letting us use their gear.


New Model Army could not have been the superb band they were/are without copious amounts of attitude. Time is a great moderator though, and i believe the singer has reverted from using his stage name "Slade the Leveller", to his real name which is Justin Sullivan. :lol:


Brilliant gig though.


(One of the best bass players ever, Stuart Morrow, in their original line-up, hard act to follow but they've succeeded twice)

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Paul Di'Anno - North Star june 05... I think this one was the best!


Bitumen River - Flints September 2001, the 1st time I saw the band I would later become a member of and the night before Dave Kok's wedding, superb!.


Rage Against The Washing Machine - Angling Club 2005


Idlewild and Ikara Colt - North Star


Viking Skull - Burra Hall and North Star October 04


The Tony Dowler Band - Mooneys June 04


Solar Polar Bear - Scalloway Hall 2000 or 2001


Ten Tonne Dozer - Pierhead/Mid Brae/Mooneys/Flints 06


Suppository Business - Brae Hall, October 1998


Peter And The Testtube Babies - Vidlin Hall 2002

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And with all the fine events mentioned so far: Dare i say the two Shetland Rock Festivals in the clickimin. They were pretty good. It's seems so long ago that i can hardly remember the line up, so i won't embarass myself trying, but pretty huge in their day.


Anybody ken the definitive list?


Not even near complete, but :-


Deacon Blue

Toxic Ephex

The Bolshoi

Love and Money

The Men They Couldn't Hang


Tom Morton's band



loads more but my memory is failing!

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