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That is terrible.


I have a lurcher and he would never bark to tell you anything. He is completely silent.


Now my terrier is very vocal and there is no way you could leave her anywhere.


I am appaulled. I hope heads roll and they try leaving a police officer for 10 days and see what happens.



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There really should be a cruelty charge for that one, if it was a civvy there surely would be. It's disgusting, i don't care how busy they were, there is absolutely no excuse.


The busier they were, even less of an excuse!


I know someone who got into a lot of trouble and a hefty fine because they got stuck sooth fur wan day (dug made a powreful racket when dey didna get hom at night).


Wid be interesting tae see whit happens, but somehow follow-up stories tae yun inda thing are rare indeed...

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