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Co2 emissions


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  • 12 years later...

 If we look at the photos of the melting snow in the Arctic it has a black “scum” covering it


Now I would think that snow in the Arctic, probably the Antarctica as well, would be pure and free from pollution!


Global warming in my opinion is partly being caused by us no longer burning, coal, peats and logs.


When we burn those fossil fuels the smoke that rises into the heavens also carries dust, some of this dust finds its way into the atmosphere.


When it rains the droplets as they fall pick up a speck of dust which delays the journey to earth long enough for the rain to freeze and turn into snow, when it is cold enough.


When travelling throughout the UK and I’m sure much of Europe I see  thousands  of  chimneys  that not so long ago would have been smoking and therefore putting dust into the atmosphere, and this dust can travel for long distances trapped between different layers of air.


Of course these chimneys are no longer used to dispense the smoke from our fires as most of us have other methods of warming our homes.


The amount of snow falling through much of Europe has greatly decreased over years as have folk stopped burning coal, peat and logs, this has helped to clean the atmosphere but has meant we get less snow and that is leading to global warming.


A flake of snow is formed on a speck of dust.--  https://www.noaa.gov/stories/how-do-snowflakes-form-science-behind-snow


So I reckon that because we have less “dust “of a particular size in the atmosphere means we get less snow, thus contributing to global warming.


Would be interesting to know what effect forest fires have and if they contribute to large falls of snow in areas where the “dust” from those fires might find it way to.


The pollution from the combustion  engine  does  not  produce  the type of ”dust” that snow would readily  form on .


Just a theory of mine .

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^ There's an awful lot of so called 'climate science' that poses more questions than answers.....


The one that gets me most of is that 'they' refer to the polar ice caps melting potentially raising sea levels by feet....


The Arctic contains no land mass, it is essentially one huge iceberg. On average it tends to be accepted that water increases in volue by +/- 10% when frozen, equally it tends to be accepted that only +/- 10% of an iceberg is above water....... Well, you do that math, and tell me how the volume of whats in the water can change regardless whether its in ice or water form.

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We are told by The Royal Society that sea levels hae been rising by ⅛ of an inch a year for approximately the last two decades, and it is estimated that by 2100 it will have risen by about 3 feet. It seems to me that it has been primarily caused by CO2. CO2 appears to be, in effect, a pollution caused solely by mankind itself, and all driven by greed.


It's nobody elses fault but our own.


How fast is sea level rising?

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It is also  worth remembering that almost every house that had a stove or chimney fire had to take up the "ess" everyday and this would be disposed of in various ways,here in the Shetland  countryside this was usually in the midden creating a "styooch" especially on a windy day ,that stood to the heavens and  probably went for "thousands" of miles.


This added to the pollution in the atmosphere but also would have added a layer of dust which could have aided to the formation of snow.


Do not see much "ess" being dumped nowadays ! 


The whole climate change scenario has to evaluate all that has changed in the last hundreds of years as I'm sure there is much more to it than simply getting rid of anything and everything that produces co2

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Total coincidence, but I would think the recent early fall of snow in Montana  is a result of the hundreds of forest fires in the Amazon which must have filled the atmosphere with a large amount of "dust" which will be traveling around the world  in the upper atmosphere to who knows where and in my opinion will be the cause of more heavy snow to come. 


The hurricane that devastated the Bahamas was probably also created by those same fires in the Amazon, all that hot air rising would certainly have had some effect on the weather pattern.


One could say that those who created the fires in the Amazon probably destroyed the Bahamas as well as the forest.



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