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Is this what the human rights bill was actually for?


Should the Human Rights Bill be scrapped?  

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  1. 1. Should the Human Rights Bill be scrapped?

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    • No

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No winder dirs so much crime noo. Da whole point o prison in da first place should be da removal o foks rights, an a miserable existance as punishment fur dir crimes so ta mak dem (an idders wha might comtemplate crime) tink ageen.


da waye it is noo, prison is much mair pleasant dan some foks current existence. Why wirk hard tae survive and better yoursell on da streets if you can just murder someane, spend a few years getting square meals, watchin TV an playin pool, dan sue fur a fine muckle lump sum at da end o it.


It makes you wonder why the Birmingham Six made such a fuss about being imprisoned for a crime they didn't commit - apparently they should have just sat back and enjoyed the luxury of prison life.


Or perhaps being stuck in a cell for 23 hours a day with a murderer and a bucket of poo isn't quite as nice as you make it out to be.

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Weel if ir a muderer yoursell you winna worry.


As fur da bucket o poo, i'm only in me 30's yet i mind kertin oot wir bucket tae da midden every morneen. Mair aften if dir wis a lok o fok alang da hoose. Fok cerrys on noo as if its some kind o devastatin torture!


Whit do you tink maks da totties grow! :D



(edit - come tae tink o it, does dis mean i can sue da government fur a fortune? :twisted: )

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Droilker, it is a simple set of rules to protect the individual (see the link somewhere above to read the rules). Britain has been signed up to those rules since 1950. quote]


Yes Britain has been signed up to the International Convention, but it is the Human Rights Act 1998 which has been misinterpreted by courts against the interests of the UK.

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