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Thank you! Tried the microwave method last night, very nice indeed!


Next question - what is the correct name for carrots and neeps mashed together? I always thought it was clapshot, but according to the BBC website, tatties and neeps together are 'Orkney clapshot' and they don't mention carrots at all?!

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Found this in a National new paper on the above subject


Take a very large, steaming-hot haggis and insert it forcibly up Prime Minister Brown's rectum. The device consisting of a rubber cup on the end of a stick used to clear blocked drains may be found useful for this purpose.




Sir. When Vychinsky, the Chief Prosecutor of the USSR, visited the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, I attended the banquet given in his honour by Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe (later Lord Kilmuir). Probably for the first and last time in his life, Vychinsky partook of haggis, liberallv laced with liqueur whisky which had been poured over it, while a Scots Guards piper, specially flown in for the occasion, circled the table playing the bagpipes. It has never occured to me that there is any other way in which haggis is served.


I remain. Sir.

Your obedient Servant.


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