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Hell on earth


Should Prision be Hell?  

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  1. 1. Should Prision be Hell?

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BigMouth wrote

Ah ha! Let's look at "minor crime" for instance. Every day I see people driving illegally down The Street in Lerwick, but there isn't a copper there to spot it. The problem is that where the copper hasn't seen it. I have also sent you a PM on this subject.

Yes that "minor crime" is one of my pet hates and it seems that every time I am on the Street I see at least one vehicle being driven in contravention of the bye law. And I have yet to see anyone getting more than admonished by the traffic warden.


Yet the police were seemingly content for the council to bring in this bye law as indeed they are with the ban on al-fresco drinking. Is this another law that will not be enforced by a police force who are so stretched with their limited manpower that the pedestrianisation is not enforced.

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It should be hard labour , kept on a compound within unheated barracks and marched out every day to do 12 hours work the old fashioned way.

Of course they should get medical treatment if necessary and a diet that will keep them in reasonable shape but thats about it.


Eh, so.. whin dey get oot...we...will hae...Superfit, extryhard criminals..


Soods guid tae me. not.

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