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Kick in the teeth for the elderly !!

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Would be grateful if you would consider my story or if not send it to the Letters editor.


:? After serving in the Army all of his life serving Queen and country my Father unfortunately was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

His mental health rapidly declined after the initial diagnosis and the only drug he has ever been given is for agitation, nothing to relieve the symptoms of this devastating illness.

Alzheimer’s drugs for early and late stage patients having been deemed too expensive at a cost of £2.50 a day by NICE(National Institute of clinical excellence) and not cost effective.

He has to live in a care home with 24/7 care which costs him nearly £1000 pounds a month out of his army pension, many people have to sell their homes to pay for their care.

Someone who has contributed so much to his or her country should not be kicked in the teeth by this government in their old age, who now want to give incentives to drug addicts with £10.00 vouchers for staying clean .

Is there any justice left in this country at all.

I have an epetition lodged at 10 Downing Street about the lack of drugs for Alzheimer's patients and would be very grateful if you would sign it and Thanks http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/alzheimerdrugs/

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I'll gladly sign it. My sister, who is only 55, has been told she may have Alzheimers and was lucky to be put on Aricept just days before it was withdrawn for early stage patients. While the drugs aren't a cure for this devastating and terminal illness, it can turn the clock back a year for some patients and improve the quality of life temporarily for them.

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I ve signed too

The human rights of these sufferers are being taken away because they cant fight back!!

Surely the money saved on the extra care required if the drugs arent issued is enough to justify it to the financal dept...

Not that I think it should be about money, its the quality of life thats important here...

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