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Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Standard bottled Tippex
    • Mouse-shaped, tape-roller Tippex

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I would like to start a discussion on the possible applications of tippex.


Could it be used as a crowd deterrent in the right circumstances? i.e. out of a hose?

Maybe a substitute for bird droppings?

How about cutting the SIC's roadworks costs, by using it for the road markings?

Using it to write on CDr's instead of permanent markers, although would there be too much of a weight diffence and cause disks to shatter at full rpm?

Your neighbour's christmas window decoration?


I think it is a widely underestimated tool.

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They banned tippex in Sound Primary school when I was in p5, cos kids were allegedly getting high from it.


Naturally, we got hold of some that weekend in the hope of getting high (even though we had no idea what "getting high" actually meant- we just new we weren't supposed to, ergo it was deeply alluring!).


After half an hour or so of passing it around and sniffing to no avail, some bright spark noticed that the green tippex bottle we were using had all the ethanol (or whatever it was) deliberately removed so it could be safely sold to kids... :oops:


Foolish boys!

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Wasent tipex invented by Micky Doolen or what ever that guy out of the band the Monkies mam?


It was Michael Nesmith from the monkeys mum who came up with the idea. As artists cover their mistakes by painting over them. She started using a white paint and water mixture to cover up her typing mistakes and it took off from there.

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I seem to remember that correction fluid was invented by Rab C Nesbit, fae Govan, when he mixed some vodka and milk or something, or was he drinking paint? I canna mind, it was something like that.


I'm going to buy all the Tippex SOS can sell me tomorrow and paint the girse we it so i can pretend it's snowy again. :(

"Correct" the weather......

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