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Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Standard bottled Tippex
    • Mouse-shaped, tape-roller Tippex

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As a secretary in the dim and distant, I was known to use Tippex. As it was slightly better than trying to rub out typing, thus leaving a hole in the paper, it was considered quite good.


It was, however, only good once. Once the bottle is open, throw it away. Only new bottles of Tippex work. Old ones become gucky very quickly and to spite you.


Now those Tippex mice are a disaster. I cannot get them to work sense at all.


Tippex thinner is not a good thing to put in your boss' tea. I did consider it, I admit it, but apparently it kills! I only wanted to mildly harm, so I refrained.


Tippex mice should be caught by Tippex cats.



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I seem to remember that correction fluid was invented by Rab C Nesbit, fae Govan, when he mixed some vodka and milk or something, or was he drinking paint? I canna mind, it was something like that.


I'm going to buy all the Tippex SOS can sell me tomorrow and paint the girse we it so i can pretend it's snowy again. :(

"Correct" the weather......



Ha ha! Wasn't there an episode of Ras B Nesbit or that time when he had that police show and they all got high of paint fumes while repainting the office and while they were painting thought it was like tarting paint? Ha ha I liked that.


Tipex pens are the best!

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